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Jasmine Davaloo was extremely helpful in my divorce case. Not only was she professional, but she handled the difficult, complicated issues of my case with sensitivity and intelligence. She was not only concerned about me and always worked to protect my interest, but she really cared about the wellbeing of my children and everyone involved, which was a welcomed surprise. It was some tough times. Jasmine's calm and confident manner of handing heated situations made it more manageable. Because of her dedication and expertise, I cannot thank her enough for helping me through my emotional divorce case. If you're going through tough times in your relationship, you'd be lucky to have Jasmine on your side. - Frank A.

Jasmine is what you would call a "top notch" attorney. She was extremely knowledgeable, professional, courteous, and empathetic to my needs during a difficult period. She guided me the entire way through my case with great precision and provided me the confidence I needed to come out of the situation with a positive outcome. We worked with a difficult opposing party, but Jasmine managed the situation very well, and was still successful in gathering the proper data we needed from them for closure. I would highly recommend Jasmine. Don't waste your time shopping around. She's the best. Period. - S.R.

Ms. Davaloo handled a very important (to me) and tedious case for me involving child support ( current ) and a very large arrears I developed. As I now live in another state it was very hard considering all the documents that are involved. She was very helpful and patient with me in that area. To say I can procrastinate a bit would be true. And she was quite a good sport staying the course. Also there was a very unwilling participant, the other parent. Making things that much difficult . Ms. Davaloo was like the coach on a championship team and all I had to do was follow her plays. Giving her all the ammunition she needed to do a A + job. The result was have all $19,000 of my arrears dismissed. And my current support set to reflect my status of disability. For me this is huge because I no longer have garnishing of my bank account or all the things that come from a court order. I HAVE MY LIFE BACK and for this I’ll be forever indebted to this very professional, non biased, great person and Dynamite law professional. — Wayne H.

I visited Ms. Davaloo for a consultation as I was very confused about the best course of action for me and my legal rights. She was kind, empathetic and above all she educated me about the law. I do not have words to express my appreciation for how she managed our appointment. I am a skilled therapist, and I see a lawyer needs to be able to connect on both a feeling level and a professional level. She did both expertly. I learned so much. I got clarification and also a plan. As I describe what happened to me to friends, I remind them how tense I was and that Ms. Davaloo was so warm and kind that I could hear the ‘bad’ news about legal and financial truths, and still feel fine and brave. She has a skill to deliver clear facts in a kind way. She asked the exact right questions of me and helped me think clearly. My plan is clear. My mission is clear. I am so grateful to her. — Cynthia B.

I cannot be more pleased with every step of the resolution of my legal matter, which was handled by attorney Jasmine Davaloo. Ms. Davaloo is very personable, precise and easy to reach. I was struck by how ethical she is. I always felt that her focus was on giving me information and assistance that was fully in my best interest, including the most cost effective solutions. She was able to give me excellent legal, and case specific information that greatly assisted me in making the best decisions. Ms. Davaloo is highly intelligent and therefore can distill a breadth of information into very clear and concise explanations. I could not have asked for a better attorney to handle my case and am very grateful to have found her. - Josie D.

Ms. Davaloo is an amazing attorney. She represented me in my divorce case and was phenomenal in all aspects to get the case to resolution. Ms. Davaloo is extremely knowledgeable of the law and was always available to connect with me and keep me appraised on case progress and actions. She always planned ahead and was always extremely well prepared for all internal and court sessions. Ms. Davaloo also operates with the highest degree of ethics and treats everyone with upmost respect. The opposing Counsel in our case was difficult to deal with and Ms. Davaloo always navigated all situations with great care and aplomb. She is very well connected in the Bay Area and in Marin and is very knowledgeable of all the court procedures to ensure your case will get prepared accurately. I highly recommend Ms. Davaloo. Hire her and don’t look back. — Sougata B.

I found attorney Jasmine Davaloo when I was desperate for help with my divorce case against my husband. I had worked a bit with another attorney beforehand, but didn't get the attention that I needed. Jasmine was very responsive from day one, and understood the urgency and the seriousness of the situation I was dealing with. I can't thank her enough. She was very clear and thorough from the beginning, explained the law and process to me, and was always there when I had questions. She helped me resolve some parts of my family law case out of court as much as my husband and I could agree to, which saved me a lot of money. For the parts that we just didn't see eye to eye, she prepared all the paperwork and presented my case to the judge to decide. While it's an expense no one wants to pay, if you have to, it's better to pay an attorney that cares about your pocket, doesn't run up the bills, and fights hard for you. She often told me of ways to keep my legal expense low. I really appreciate her care, knowledge and professionalism. I absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a great family law attorney in the Bay Area.— Rebecca J.

Ms. Davaloo saved me! My son’s mother was determined to take my son and move away. I was scared and clueless as to what to do. Ms. Davaloo swung into action as soon as I called. Not only was she professional, she took the time to explain how things were working, or why they weren’t. She was responsive and concerned with my issues and helped navigate my family and I through some very tough times. Without going into greater detail I am extremely happy and satisfied with Ms. Davaloo’s work. She was not the highest ranking attorney on yelp at that time; my opponent was represented by her. And I am glad! The other attorneys approach was almost laughable, in fact it literally was at times. Ms. Davaloo was calm, prepared, confident and steam rolled the other “higher yelp ranked attorney”, at every appearance we had in court. I would recommend Ms. Davaloo to any of my family or friends that come upon these terrible times. She is exactly the type of attorney you need to help you mitigate the stress and confusion with a clear head and educated will. — Ryan P.

Jasmine Davaloo handled my divorce with the upmost care and professionalism. Anyone looking for a divorce lawyer in Marin County would be lucky to acquire her services. — Richard W.

Ms. Davaloo - Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me on the phone. It was very helpful. You were sympathetic and professional, traits I would look for and hope for, if and when the time comes for your services. I look forward to talking to you again then. — Tim K.

Dear Jasmine, I just had to take a moment to express my genuine, sincere appreciation for the quality of care and concern I felt came from your genuine, caring heart. I was extremely impressed with your depth of knowledge, answering questions I didn’t even know I needed to ask. I want to let you know that you made a strong lasting impression. Your professionalism, your sense of caring, your genuineness, your depth of knowledge leaves me with no doubt you’re greatly appreciated as one of the firm’s greatest assets. If you ever need a reference, please don’t hesitate to use me, and when I’m in need of the best attorney on the planet you will be the first one I call. — J. H.

I am SO thankful to have been represented by Jasmine Davaloo. All attorneys should aspire to be like Jasmine. She is diligent, extremely thorough, kind and always fights for what is right and moral, regardless of who she may face. She was very responsive and patiently explained everything to me. Not only is Jasmine an excellent attorney, but she cares about her clients. I cannot give her a high enough recommendation! — S.L.

Attorney Jasmine Davaloo is a talented and dedicated attorney with an extensive knowledge of family and employment law. As the legal field is flooded with many attorneys, it’s often difficult to figure out which one is right for you. Ms. Davaloo has a rare passion for the law and is highly respected in the legal community. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for an attorney because she really cares about her clients and fights for their best interests. — James T.

Jasmine Davaloo is an attorney that you can trust who will fight for your rights with outmost dedication. She is articulate, educated from a top tier Law School, who will treat you, the client, with outmost respect and integrity. She will stay by your side throughout your legal matters. She is one of those attorneys that are rare, because she is people’s attorneys. She is empathetic and will fight for You to Win your case. She is very well-known and highly-respected attorney in the Bay Area community of attorneys and Law Associations. You will be pleased with your results as I have been pleased with mine. She has represented me in various case and won my cases. She is very dedicated — Jocelyne E.

Jasmine Davaloo is an excellent attorney. Not only is she friendly, approachable, and responsive to her clients’ needs, but Jasmine is also incredibly thorough and precise in her legal work. She explains each step of the process to her clients, as well as the pros and cons of each of her recommendations. Jasmine is very knowledgeable and up-to-date on the legal happenings in her specialty areas of employment law, family law, divorce law. Jasmine encompasses the best of both worlds when it comes to attorneys – she’s highly intelligent and gets the job done efficiently, and she also cares about her clients as individuals. I highly recommend her. — Jo M.

I had the pleasure of hiring Ms. Jasmine Davaloo as my attorney to handle my child custody case. She was extremely dedicated, knowledgeable, and caring. She went the extra mile in every aspect of my case, and was always accessible. She kept me well informed and stood by me throughout my case. I highly recommend her services to anyone needing a compassionate family law attorney. — Monica F.

I was in need of urgent consultation and Jasmine Davaloo provided excellent advice that helped me to resolve the matter. Jasmine is well educated, personable and compassionate lawyer. I recommend her as a knowledgeable professional who will approach your legal case with utmost attention and care. — Roman S.

I am an attorney and referred a client of mine to Jasmine, because the project my client needed was outside of my practice area. I did follow along with the progress of Jasmine's work on my client's project however. Jasmine did everything she promised to do in a timely manner, she worked well with the attorney representing the other spouse, and she billed my client fairly. - Gleb F.

Ms. Davaloo is a phenomenal attorney and ethical, kind, and respectful person. I am so grateful to her. She represented me in my case and was great in all aspects. She was always available to connect with me. Ms. Davaloo is an extremely knowledgeable attorney. She always prepared for all situations. She was always making sure I understand everything before making any decisions at all steps. I highly recommend Ms. Davaloo. — Sevi Rad

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