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After a Six-Day Trial, Attorney Davaloo Successfully Obtained an Award of 100% of Community Property Assets to Wife Plus Jail Time for Husband

Ms. Davaloo represented Wife who had been kept in the dark about all financial matters during her long-term marriage to Husband and the three years her divorce case was pending before she retained Ms. Davaloo as counsel. When Ms. Davaloo took over the case, Wife learned for the first time the significant sums of money Husband had accumulated in various financial accounts, in addition to multiple real properties in the U.S. and abroad. She also learned that when she filed for divorce, Husband had emptied almost all the community accounts and had even withdrawn money from Wife’s retirement account by forging her signature. Husband repeatedly refused to comply with the discovery process to disclose his financial information, violated multiple court orders and frustrated the resolution of the case at every opportunity. He had recorded fraudulent deeds of trust against the properties, had emptied their children’s college savings accounts, and even had employed the help of his relatives to hide thousands of dollars of community funds for him.

Ms. Davaloo fought zealously for her client despite all the obstacles Husband created, obtaining orders for child support, spousal support, child custody and visitation, attorney’s fees and costs, sanctions, and even contempt against him along the way. After a six-day trial, a significant portion of the misappropriated community funds were retrieved and awarded to Wife, along with the real properties. She did not stop there. Ms. Davaloo sought contempt orders against Husband for his various violations of court orders, and as a result, Husband was ordered to be held in County jail for 35 days.

The court expressly thanked Ms. Davaloo for her perseverence and diligent work over two years enabling the court to apply justice and finality to this case. After the trial court entered the Judgment, Husband appealed it. In preparation of Wife’s opposition to the appeal, the appellate lawyers praised Ms. Davaloo’s comprehensive and detailed documentation of the factual and procedural history of this complicated and lengthy case as it made their jobs to represent the interests of Wife and the children a whole lot easier. The Court of Appeal affirmed the trial court’s ruling.

Attorney Davaloo Successfully Negotiated a Significant Reduction and Settlement of Father’s Child Support Arrears

Ms. Davaloo represented Father who, for various health and employment reasons, had fallen behind on his child support payments for several years. The child support arrears were in the tens of thousands of dollars, an amount he could never pay off given his circumstances. This debt was hindering his ability to obtain better paying jobs. Mother was not communicating with him and wanted every last dollar. Father recognized he owed the arrears, but even though he had just received a lump sum of money, it wasn’t enough to pay the arrearage in full. Through strategic negotiations, Ms. Davaloo successfully obtained Mother’s agreement to settle for a reduced lump sum payment and even to waive interests.

After a Two-Day Trial, Attorney Davaloo Successfully Obtained Sole Legal and Physical Custody of the Child for Father

Ms. Davaloo represented Father who shared a young child with Mother. Mother accused Father of physical and emotional abuse against her and their child in an effort to obtain sole custody and to relocate with the child to another country. After a two-day trial, Ms. Davaloo successfully proved and obtained a judgment that not only Mother’s allegations of abuse were without merit, but that in fact, it was in the child’s best interest to be in Father's sole legal and physical custody. She also obtained an award of monetary sanctions against Mother.

After a Three-Day Trial, Attorney Davaloo Successfully Obtained an Award of 100% of Community Assets for Husband

Ms. Davaloo represented Husband in a dissolution action where the parties owned real properties in the U.S. and a foreign country. As part of Wife’s scheme, Wife’s family had falsely claimed co-ownership in the foreign properties, had rented them out and were collecting all the rent without sharing them with Husband. In the U.S., the parties had accumulated gold and jewelry valued at $100,000 as investment during their marriage. To deprive Husband of his fair share, during the pendency of the divorce action, Wife instigated a physical struggle with Husband and called the police on him and accused him not only of domestic violence, but also of running away with all of the gold and jewelry.

After a three-day trial, Ms. Davaloo successfully proved to the court that Wife had misappropriated the community gold and jewelry. The court not only awarded Husband his 50% of their value, but also half of Wife’s share as sanctions against her. Ms. Davaloo also successfully persuaded the court into awarding Husband 100% of the U.S. properties, his half of the foreign properties after ruling out any ownership interest by Wife’s family, plus monetary sanctions against Wife for falsifying evidence and frustrating the resolution of the case.

Opposing Party Conceded to Client’s Demands After Ms. Davaloo’s Opening Statement at Trial

Ms. Davaloo represented Father in an action to enforce a child custody and visitation order that Mother was violating, and to determine the child’s school given that the parties lived in two different counties. In violation of the initial custody order, Mother had enrolled the child in a daycare near her home during her custodial days instead of taking him to the daycare he attended near Father’s home. As a result, in any given week, the child had to spend time in two different daycares. Despite numerous attempts with Mother and her counsel to obtain her compliance, she continued her violation of the order and instead of properly advising her, her attorney supported and advocated Mother’s wrongful action. At trial, immediately after Ms. Davaloo’s concluded her thorough and effective opening statement, Mother agreed to stipulate to Father’s requested orders and settle the case in his favor instead of proceeding with trial. As part of the settlement, Ms. Davaloo obtained monetary sanctions against Mother to cover Father’s attorney’s fees and costs.