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Mediation Consulting

Attorney Jasmine Davaloo provides consulting legal services or full representation to clients that are attempting to resolve their family law issues in mediation.

As you begin to consider ways to resolve your family law disputes with the other party, it is important to be aware of the various options available to you. Many parties think that litigating their case in court is their only option, or that it is their best option. For some, that is not the case. However, even if both parties agree to participate in mediation, some people simply do not have the necessary legal knowledge to assert their rights or to push back on unreasonable demands by the other party. For others, the power dynamics may hinder their ability to advocate for themselves.

If you and the other party decide to mediate your family law case, it is advisable to have an experienced advocate on your side to coach, consult or represent you during the mediation process.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a process in which a neutral third-party facilitates communication and negotiation, and promotes voluntary decision-making by the parties to the dispute. Because it is a voluntary process, both parties must agree to participate in good faith. Mediation allows for the parties to define and clarify issues, understand different perspectives, identify interests, explore and assess possible solutions, and reach mutually satisfactory agreements.

It is important to know that the mediator is not your advocate. The mediator is impartial. While the mediator can assist the parties to reach an agreement, you may be unclear about what you are legally entitled to, what you can ask for, and whether a proposal is a good deal for you.

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Why choose mediation?

Litigation can be too costly, adversarial, overwhelming, and impersonal. It can also take too long, and is open to the public. On the other hand, mediation allows for the parties to be heard, to be in greater control of the outcome, and to achieve results that are acceptable to both parties. It typically costs less than litigation and is quicker. It also allows for the parties to keep mediation communications confidential and, especially if children are involved, help in maintaining or restoring an amicable relationship.

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