The Law Offices of Jasmine Davaloo

Getting Started

How to Hire Attorney Jasmine Davaloo?

No matter the type of family law issue you are facing, we are committed to guide you through the difficult times and provide you with customized legal representation to navigate the court system. When searching for a family law attorney for the first time, many parties don't know where to begin or how it all works. We aim to demystify the legal process from the start by providing a roadmap to retaining our legal services and setting forth your options.

Here are the two simple steps to take to retain the family law services of Attorney Jasmine Davaloo.

Step 1

Contact us to schedule an initial consultation with Attorney Jasmine Davaloo. During this meeting, which typically takes about one hour, you share relevant facts about the issues you are facing and get to ask specific questions that are of concern to you. In addition to answering your questions, Attorney Davaloo will provide information about related issues that you may not have thought about. She will explain the law, the legal process, your rights and obligations, and provide any other relevant legal advice. After learning about your goals, she will then discuss your options and strategize ways to best achieve your objectives. There is a fee for this consultation based on our hourly rate and the length of the meeting.

Step 2

The initial consultation is a no-obligation meeting. This means there is no obligation to sign a contract to retain our legal services. However, if you would like to retain Attorney Jasmine Davaloo and your case is a right fit for our office, you will be provided with an Attorney-Client Engagement Agreement to review and sign. In addition, as is standard practice in the industry, to commence representation, you must furnish an advance deposit (retainer). Attorney Davaloo will work closely with you to tailor a strategy most appropriate for the issues in your case and your goals.

What Type of Representation is Right for You?

Given that each client’s needs and circumstances are different, we recognize that the type of legal services best suited for each is not "one size fits all." We offer the following three types of legal representation. You may discuss these during your consultation to decide which one is the best option for you.

Attorney of Record

As your Attorney of Record, Ms. Davaloo will provide full-scope representation. This includes communicating with opposing counsel, preparing documents to file with the court and appearing at court hearings on your behalf. She will handle all matters that may arise in your case, keep you apprised on the developments of your case, and counsel you every step of the way.

Limited-Scope Representation

Depending on your circumstances, you may retain our services for specific tasks only, such as appearing to represent you at one court hearing, or limit our services to a specific issue, such as obtaining a child support court order.


Depending on how much of your case you can or wish to handle on your own, you may retain our services on an “a la carte” basis. This means you are self-represented, but have an ally behind the scenes to turn to for help if and when you need it. You can ask for our assistance on specific tasks that you cannot or do not wish to do, ranging from asking for legal advice regarding the law, court procedures, or settlement negotiations, preparing legal documents, reviewing agreements before signing, or anything else you may need help with. This type of representation is especially helpful for parties that are in mediation.