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The Law Offices of Jasmine Davaloo is an established and trusted Marin County family law practice serving the San Francisco Bay Area.

Selected as a Rising Star by Northern California Super Lawyers in 2015–an honor given to the top 2.5% of lawyers that exhibit excellence in practice and are under 40 years of age–Ms. Davaloo has extensive experience in family law. She handles all types of family law issues, such as obtaining a dissolution of marriage (divorce), securing child custody, child support and spousal support (alimony) orders, and modifying existing court orders. An active member in good standing of the State Bar of California, Ms. Davaloo works tirelessly to provide her clients with superior legal services that minimize the financial and emotional impact on them and their families.

Ms. Davaloo is Of Counsel to the reputable law firm of Monty White LLP. Monty White LLP is a litigation and mediation firm with expertise in personal injury, construction, business, immigration, estate planning, elder law, employment law and family law. Read more about Monty White LLP.

Whether you are contemplating divorce from your spouse, are in dispute over the custody of your children, are in need of child support to cover your children’s living expenses, or are facing other family law issues, you can count on the legal expertise and personal attention of Ms. Davaloo. Ms. Davaloo aims for peaceful and economic solutions outside of the courtroom whenever possible. However, when the most appropriate outcome can  be accomplished only through litigation, Ms. Davaloo will fight for your rights as zealously as she would fight for her own. She will patiently guide you through the legal process and help you regain your emotional, financial and personal stability. 

As a recipient of the 2015 Unity Award, Ms. Davaloo is committed to giving back to her community. Raised in Marin County, she maintains strong ties to the Bay Area legal community. Ms. Davaloo is a current Director of Marin County Bar Association, and has served as the President of Marin County Women Lawyers and a Director of Women Lawyers of Alameda County, to name a few.

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